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Living the Life at Muzique

Living the Life at Muzique

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The Organizers of Carnavalissimo

Guvernment Montreal Toronto
5 Votes (3.6)
Location telephone number(416) 869 - 0045  service charge15.00$/person Events Website
La Mouche Montreal Montreal
26 Votes (3.5)
Location telephone number514.764.2683  service charge12.00$/person Events Website
Club Entourage Montreal Montreal
36 Votes (3.5)
Location telephone number514.287.7625  service chargeunknown Events Website
Studio Nightclub Montreal Ottawa
17 Votes (3.5)
Location telephone number(613) 315-8255  service chargeunknown Events Website
Tokyo Bar Montreal Montreal
16 Votes (3.4)
Location telephone number514.842.6838  service chargeunknown Events Website
Muzique Montreal Montreal
23 Votes (3.3)
Location telephone number514.994.2582  service chargeunknown Events Website
Velvet Montreal Montreal
14 Votes (3.3)
Location telephone number514.878.9782  service chargeunknown Events Website
Xo Club Montreal Montreal
4 Votes (3)
Location telephone number514.282.0111  service charge5.00$/person Events Website

I was at the bar in Winnie's minding my own business, when all of a sudden I started getting this wet feeling on my back. I turned around there was no one behind me, so i put my hand to check my back and turns out I had puke all over it. Someone, PUKED on my back and RAN AWAY!!
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I woke up in the middle of the night to my brother coming back, drunk, and peeing in my closet!
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My girlfriend and I were drunk and I was taking care of her. Took her to the bathroom, helped her puke in the toilet seat and washed her face up. I thought I did all the right things till the next day where I realized that I actually made out with her right after she had puked.....
Read More > is an extension to enhance every clubbing experience you will ever encounter. We provide you with the hottest music of today's hits for your pre-drinks; the knowledge you seek about the hottest clubs in Montreal, bars in Montreal, and the most looked forward to after clubbing food. It is also the perfect place to upload all your clubbing memories and share them with people around the globe, to help you remember WTF happened last night. We provide everyone with the opportunity to voice their opinions and rate their favorite or not so favorite clubs, bars, food, music and memories.

For all you party people, ImClubbing invites you to share all your photos of the crazy nights as well as your videos with its user generated content model by simply signing up.


Remix to Suavemente by Nayer Pitbull and Mohombi

Here's a new remix to Suavemen

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Dancing lambada by Inna! New song!

New song by Inna- Dancing Lambada!

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